Why We Invested: Zero Waste Company

dic. 27 - 2023
Why We Invested: Zero Waste Company

Revolutionizing Retail: Seizing the $1.3 Trillion Waste Reduction Opportunity
The global food system faces a significant challenge: the massive amount of organic waste produced at both harvest and retail stages, contributing to environmental, financial, and social burdens. Every year, over $400 billion worth of retail products become waste, with more than $1.3 trillion worth of food discarded globally. In Latin America alone, wasted food could feed 300 million people annually.

Zero Waste Company is a synergy of interconnected divisions, each driven by a common commitment to no waste. Our divisions—CoreZero, Round Foods, and Circletrade—operate under the united goal of ecological and economic sustainability. From creating carbon credits to transforming organic waste into animal feed, and streamlining the supply chain of by-products, we innovate across industries and global markets. We cross borders and disciplines to establish sustainable practices, empower communities, advocate for responsible consumption, and create value from repurposed waste. Each challenge is an opportunity for innovation, and we value the diverse perspectives that illuminate our path forward.

CoreZero, the Climate Tech Catalyst: At the forefront of the business model, CoreZero serves as the traceability and quantification tool for zero-waste projects. Functioning as a carbon credit developer, it empowers initiatives related to food rescue, upcycling, composting, and waste-to-energy. By leveraging cutting-edge blockchain technology, CoreZero ensures the traceability and security of data, providing an end-to-end platform for quantifying and monetizing carbon credits. This approach not only facilitates access to the voluntary carbon market but also establishes a transparent and traceable process. CoreZero collaborates with impactful projects worldwide, exemplified by its serialization of the first carbon credits with the Mexican FoodBanking Network.

Round Foods, the Operational Arm: Driving the operational aspect, Round Foods specializes in waste valorization, transforming waste into high-value resources, with a particular emphasis on animal feed. Cutting-edge technology ensures the production of stable, high-quality products. Round Foods contributes significantly to a sustainable and eco-friendly future through Circular Economy Advocacy and Sustainable Practices. The division's vision is encapsulated in the commitment to 'Better Feed, Cleaner Planet,' setting new industry standards and propelling a greener economy.

Circletrade, the Commercialization Dynamo: Completing the trifecta, Circletrade functions as the commercialization arm, optimizing supply chain and pricing strategies. Dedicated to 'Elevating Every Producer,' Circletrade focuses on the needs of small and medium-sized animal producers and feed formulators. The division excels in creating high-end markets for by-products, particularly in the animal feed sector, enhancing the overall value chain. Circletrade strategically distributes products, promoting sustainability and ensuring economic benefits for partners.

Unified by a commitment to responsible consumption and creating value from repurposed waste, Zero Waste Company thrives on the diverse perspectives within its divisions. Each challenge encountered becomes an opportunity for innovation, as the company pioneers a new era of offsetting and tackling climate change while fostering a harmonious relationship between economic prosperity and environmental stewardship.

Empowering Change: The Visionary Team Behind Zero Waste Company
The founding team, Jean Pierre Azañedo and Ignacio Bordigoni, bring extensive expertise in FMCG's SLOB and waste management. Jean Pierre, a second-time founder, previously grew Kanay, a Hazardous Waste Management Company in Peru, from $0 to over $30M in sales in three years. He holds a degree in Business Sustainability Management from the University of Cambridge and was recognized as Young Entrepreneur of the Year by EY in 2019. 

Ignacio Bordigoni led expansion efforts for global FMCG brands like Diageo and Unilever, contributing to revenue growth exceeding $70M. As part of Diageo Global Top Talent, he acquired +8 years of experience working closely related with the treatment of SLOB inventory.

Beyond Profit: Zero Waste Company Strategic Bet on a Sustainable FutureZero Waste Company aligns with FEMSA's commitment to sustainability and represents a significant ESG (Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance) investment. The global focus on sustainability and the urgency to act make this investment strategically valuable. Additionally, it provides an opportunity to enter the sustainability market within retail and CPG-oriented industries.

We are excited to be joining Zero Waste Company in their journey to revolutionize and innovate waste valorization, paving the way for a brighter, more environmentally conscious future for all!