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We have joined entrepreneurs in their quest to disrupt industries, as well as teaming up with top VC firms across Latin America.

Our portfolio

Circular economy for the new era

Algramo works with CPGs to enable the circular economy via intelligent dispensers and RFID enabled containers using a user-friendly platform to engage end users and retailers.

Community Group Buying

Apperto is a community ecommerce platform that allows people to buy basic products at a fair price in Latam low tier cities & rural areas.


Eyewear redefined.

Ben & Frank is a Latin American D2C eyewear brand that sells well crafted optic glasses at affordable prices.


Dark stores everywhere!

Cargamos turns excess capacity in malls, parking lots and storage facilities into fulfillment centers closer to the consumer for quick commerce across Latin America.

Streamlining the world's most important industry

Cayena is a broadliner B2B marketplace focused on revamping restaurant supply sourcing.


Mom & Pops 2.0

Chiper empowers independent corner stores in Latin America with in-store technology and end-to-end supply chain solutions.

Reshaping the chronic disease care journey

Clivi is the first digital health clinic focused on diabetes treatment in Mexico, offering holistic and personalized treatments powered by digital tools that empower the patient journey.

Frictionless digital & payment solutions for restaurants

Cluvi is a SaaS company offering a cluster of digital solutions for restaurants in LatAm that is changing the ordering and payments experience at the table.

Creating value from waste for a net-zero future

Powered by its innovative climate-platform to generate financial value for waste valorization and diversion initiatives, quantifying positive environmental impact and monetizing it through carbon credits.


Groceries made fair.

Justo offers carefully selected products delivered to your house at a fair price, revolutionizing the grocery store industry in Mexico and Latin America.

AI for CPG Brands & Retailers

Kuona Analytics is an enterprise SaaS that helps some of the world's largest consumer brands and retailers optimize their pricing, trade promotions and inventories using artificial intelligence.

Technology for Beauty Businesses

Morado is an all-in-one online platform for beauty business with the mission to empower and provide economic independence to women in the industry.


Last mile hubs for food delivery

Muncher specializes in building and renting dark kitchens in shipping containers and operating its own delivery only restaurant brands.

Products for the Cashless Economy

Pacto is a Mexico City-based integrated ordering and payments platform for restaurants and bars in Latin America.

Fleet Data Analytics

Pulpo is a software startup focused on changing the way companies manage their vehicles and fleet operations, helping businesses save time and money by making better decisions and working more efficiently.

Embedded lending infrastructure

R2 enables technology platforms to offer capital to their SMB customers.

Autonomous retailing

Swyft is building the retail store of the future driven by AI, big data, machine learning and advanced robotics.


Conversational commerce

Yalo uses AI to help companies build strong customer relationships through the world's most popular messaging apps.

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